To accelerate the globalization of the world in a multi-language + cloud technology

About US

Plucial is, as becomes more familiar globalization for all companies around the world, offers a multi-language solution developed its own.

Why is our multi-language solution is chosen.

0 Languages

(Machine translation + human translation)

0 Countries & Local

(To the business of the market is the world scale)

about 0 %

(Supports Internet users around the world)

about 0 Billion people

(Win potential customers from all over the world)

Products that we currently have to offer


GuidebooQ is a service that can make only 10 minutes a multi-language WEB page of every spot around the world. You can search in their native language, and provides a more fulfilling travel destination information to travelers around the world.

91 different languages

Choice and the combination of the language is free

Simple translation process

The translation is complete in only 3 steps

High flexibility

Possible to change the content to be displayed for each language

SEO for each language

All the language optimized for search engine


Ideal as a multi-language menu

Expertise unnecessary

Just make a choice a simple input


GuidebooQ has published the only current Japanese version,
ready to publish at the same time the world's 200 countries and regions are made already.
Not only the correspondence of foreign travelers, will now stand to all your role towards to travel abroad.



In addition to adding only three types of markup to HTML, changes to the multi-language WEB site where the HTML corresponding to 91 languages.

If the knowledge of HTML and CSS you already have, you can be proposed multi-language solutions to now client With MulCMS.

Even without providing start between

In order to realize a world scale globalization is not enough only our force. The corporation who aim to realize a global society with us the future, we will provide a cloud package MulCMS that you can easily use our multi-language and cloud technology.


Server unnecessary

In order to use the Google Cloud Platform, knowledge is not required at all about the server and infrastructure.

External data rendering

Auto Insert the appropriate content to HTML using CSS selector.

Contact is also multi-lingual

To determine the inquiry source of language, the ability to notify you by e-mail by translating the original text is a standard feature.


January 9, 2015
Japan Fukuoka, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City Hakataekihigashi 1-12-17 office New Gaea Hakata Station 3F


April 9, 2016 New

Launches GuidebooQ that can be created only 10 minutes the 91 different languages ​​of WEB guidebook to Japan of local business owners for


Including everyone in the startup officials and journalists, we are waiting for the inquiry from a variety of people.